Annual Maintenance Contract - RO AMC in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon

If you are checking out preventive measure for your RO system then, you need to check out our RO annual maintenance contract (AMC plans) where you can find various options to settle down all kinds of water purifier breakdown and prevention.

Along with RO AMC in Delhi, RO AMC in Noida, and RO AMC in Gurgaon, we are offering installation of domestic and commercial RO water purifiers without taking more time, so one can easily get the RO system installed at homes and offices.

Complete RO repair and RO services will be there for your water purifier so why you are worried, check out our services by contacting us!

The services of RO Service Center have proven benefits with regards to the quality of the filtered water. Their RO AMC packages around repair and RO servicing are cost-effective and will not hurt your wallet. Hire their services in Delhi, NCR region, Noida and other regions around the capital city. If you are located in Dwarka and seek assistance, be assured of an immediate service at your doorstep!

Note: We provide RO AMC in Dwarka, RO AMC in Delhi, RO AMC in Noida, RO AMC in Gurgaon, and all NCR areas.

Duration of RO AMC: 1 Year

Check out what we offer under our RO AMC services:

  • If any part of your water purifier gets damaged and needs replacement then it will be done without any delay at your place.
  • You will get three time visit of our expert at your home or work place without reminder.
  • We keep all varieties of repairable electronic parts for the purifiers we install and deliver.
  • In case of normal water filter, 3 stage spun will be changed 3 times in a year.
  • For Domestic RO System
    • Pre-filters will be replaced twice in a year if needed either it is for home or office.
    • According to need and requirement RO cartridge membrane will be changed once in a year.
    • Sediment inline cartridge, carbon inline cartridge & post carbon inline cartridge all will be replaced once in a year.

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