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RO Service Center Just A Call +91 9990888379 Away! We welcome you all to avail the comprehensive RO repair and installation service only at the competitive prices. We have the best market matched professionals who fulfill all your requirements. While providing the quality RO repair services and solutions, we never compromise on the hygiene and ensure you get pure healthy water.

We let you get the whole RO service or water purifier repair services and installation at your doorstep in a convenient way at the desired place and time. Our highly trained technician takes work through several extents of quality check to make sure the 100% authenticity of the work.

The Leading RO Repair and RO Service Provider in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon

We take the biggest step forward by providing the amazing professional and affordable RO services for repairing the non-working RO machines and installation of new purifier of any brand. The company’s aim behind this approach is to offer consumers natural and healthier drinking water.

With trust and quality as the main priority, we have become the prominent name in the market. Our quality and ethical RO repair services are available in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon for both residents and commercial sectors. Contact us for RO repair in Delhi, RO repair in Noida, RO repair in Gurgaon, RO service in Delhi, RO service in Noida, and RO service in Gurgaon. Immediate RO repair service in Dwarka is exclusivly available with us.

Regular RO Servicing

Routine servicing of the RO system is mandated for the pure water to render the benefits that it is deemed to. All the impurities that are removed by the RO system during the purification need to be cleaned out regularly to maintain the purity of the processed water. RO service center provides the regular servicing with the RO filters, water motor cleaning and the supporting pipes cleaning. This gives better longevity to the RO system and counters the wear/ tear effects on it.

RO System Installation

Best in class services are being provided by RO Service Center to install the RO system at your premises. The team ensures that they adhere to all safety guidelines and parameters such as appropriate ground height, adequate spacing, and secure connections are taken care while they install the RO systems. RO Service Center has been rated the best with average 4.5 out of 5 by their 24 customers on Google

Noises in the RO system

Any noise in the RO system indicates problems with the RO filter or issues with the membranes. Filter dislocation or malfunctioning membranes cause noises in the RO system and at times tend to the vibration of the system whenever it is switched on. RO Service Center attends to these issues that cause noise and also help rectify improper water pressure, reverse osmosis troubles and any issues in the inlet valves.

Water Leakage Problem

We offer comprehensive package services to attend to leakage problems in the RO system. It is to be noted that the leakage could be the effect of loose fittings in the system, a damaged O-ring or dislocated components. Incorrect insertion of the plastic ferrule is also a reason of water leakage in the RO system. Get the team from RO Service Center to attend to all such trouble!

Switching ON trouble

Every RO system encounters an issue due to the constant use that it is put to. Service your RO system at your premises once in every 4 months so as to avoid any issues with the power circuits of the RO system. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to face a situation with the RO that isn’t powering ON when it is needed to function? Our experienced professionals can do a complete servicing for this issue.

Membrane Implant

RO system’s membranes wear out over a period of time and require a replacement. Replaced membranes are assured with the time-bound warranty so as to assure the quality of the RO system and to avoid malfunctioning.

Less Water Filtration

If your RO system filters very less water or No water, check for clogs in all the pipes or joints in the RO system. For this, you might require the services of a technician like us who can troubleshoot the problem of less water being filtered to various other reasons too! Beyond the clogs, the issue could also be with damaged membranes, inadequate water pressure or even faulty pumps & motors.

RO Filter Replacement

Take our RO AMC plan to replace the filters in your RO system once in 6 months. The services can be procured as packages from our company who can assist in replacing filters or any malfunctioning parts so as to ensure incessant purification of the water in its best form

Improper Filtration

If the results of the filtering process are not up to the standard and the system proves to be inefficient with producing stinky or dirty water then it is time to repair RO systme. A change of taste like saltiness or metallic taste in the filtered water is also an indication of the process being incorrect or inefficient. A complete overhaul of all the integral components will get the system back to its original self and ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the RO system.

How do we work?


RO Service Center first carefully listens to specific client’s requirement with an open mind to understand exactly what they need. We never offer one-size-fits-for-all services but customized solutions.


It is not sure that all people have same problems regarding their purification systems. Hence, we choose the most helpful way that resolves our client’s issue related to RO system repair and services.


Our specialized and experienced team works in collaboration using the advanced technologies to make sure that your RO system work efficiently and provide pure healthy water free from all water bacteria.


After delivering you the desired RO services, we take into an account your feedback to ensure that all your requirements get fulfilled with complete satisfaction by calling you back.

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